Understanding Your Best Friend


Sunday, November 26
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

If you want to gain a much better understanding of your dog and its challenging behaviors, this session on Sunday, November 26 at 1:30pm led by Phil Klein, Certified Dog Listener is for you. You will learn how canines see the human world and how they communicate including the importance of eye contact and movement. You will also learn the underlying reasons for your dog’s behaviors like nervousness, toileting indoors, incessant barking, aggression, jumping on people, and more. THE BEST NEWS – learn the simple, dog-friendly changes in how to interact with your dog to transform its behavior in a kind and lasting way. In doing so, you will have a calmer, happier dog and a more enjoyable relationship with it.

Phil Klein is Certified Dog Listener who attended Jan Fennell’s Foundation and Advanced Canine Communications courses. Through in-home consultations, volunteer work with Labs4Rescue and other rescue organizations, and public talks, Phil has been honored to help hundreds of dog owners and their dogs. There is no registration required for this free program. Join us!