Checkout Policies & Fines

Loan Periods, Fines, and Renewals
Item Loan Period Fines Renewable? Holdable?
books 21 days $.10/day once yes
new books 14 days $.10/day no yes**
audiobooks* 21 days $.10/day once yes
new audiobooks* 14 days $.10/day no yes**
movie dvds* 7 days $.50/day no yes***
television dvds* 14 days $1.00/day no yes***
blu-ray movies* 7 days $1.00/day no yes***
blu-ray television* 14 days $1.00/day no yes***
music cds* 21 days $.10/day once yes
magazines 14 days $.10/day no yes
museum passes ($10.00 cash deposit)* 3 days $2.00/day no no
juvenile holiday books 14 days $.10/day no yes
juvenile new books 21 days $.10/day once yes

*must be returned to Derby Neck and no loans are allowed if combined fines for all libraries exceeds $10.00

**only patrons with Derby Neck cards can place a hold

***hold must be picked up at Derby Neck

PLEASE NOTE: books can be returned to any public library within Connecticut