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The library will be closed for renovations starting on Saturday, April 22 so that we can install a new circulation desk and new carpeting throughout the building. We plan to reopen during the first week of May, possibly by May 1 at 10am. We will be in the building during this time and will be answering the phones, so please call ahead to find out what day we will reopen to the public.

Roll a character, then play a thrilling campaign alongside fellow enthusiasts as you work together to vanquish common foes and achieve victory! Beginners are welcome. Refreshments are served throughout. All supplies provided.

Contact club moderator, Ian Parsells at if you are interested in joining the group.

On Wednesdays from 2pm-5pm when the director is in the building, teens and tweens are invited to the new Smash Club! Using the library’s Nintendo Wii U & SEGA Dreancast, teens will play various games on the systems, particularly Super Smash Bros and Power Stone. Differing from our regular Video Game Tournaments, Smash Club will be about fun and not competition. More multiplayer games will be purchased as they come out. Whether you’re a beginner or a highly-skilled gamer, this club will have something for everyone.